Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crazier than You

The other day I was roaming the streets, moaning, with tears streaming down my cheeks, much in the vein of a lunatic.  I barely noticed the streets and laneways I wandered, the beautiful terrace houses which form this neighbourhood. I was literally wringing my hands, also very much in the way of a crazy lady, and then I happened to notice a woman walking in front of me.  She was in a dirty blue robe, dressing gown that is, and slippers, and not much else.  It was freezing.  I could see the hairs on her legs bristling in the frigid air as she shuffled along.  She carried a canvas bag, the kind that you get from the supermarket in place of a plastic bag. I’m a tiny bit ashamed to say that I followed her.  She made a beeline for the bottleshop.  I didn’t go that far, but I like to imagine that she bought herself some cooking sherry, or maybe some Father O’Leary’s Velvet Cream. I thought she might go shuffling off to the nearest bench, or perhaps that I might find myself on a midweek adventure, tailing dressing gown lady back to her abode (not creepy, more in the way of a super sleuth). Instead, she legged it to the centre of the road, and stood waiting casually at the tram stop, her gown flapping in the breeze.  She made me feel a little better. At least I take my dressing gown off before I go up the street.


Anonymous said...

When we're that old, we'll NEVER take off our dressing gowns. Or our pyjamas. Or leave the TV except to go on sleuthing adventures! xxxxxxxxx Binsy

Anonymous said...

IN FACT, WE'LL BE THE TV by then! Bags being re-runs of The Colbert Report and Ab Fab. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sammy Girl
The sun in shining down on you today. It is warm and bright and beautiful. But I am devastated and heartbroken and sad. Very sad. Those big fat tears you often cried are now ours, and they burn. You were always so warm and bright and beautiful. May you rest now, in peace xxx EJ

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